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About BMWM3Track Experience

Drive a legendary BMW M3 E36 which has been prepared for High Performance Education Instruction on a race track

Jeff Schur, the owner, is an experienced racer (25 years) and HPDE Motorsport Safety Foundation Level 2 Instructor with a NASA Instructor License. 


All "standard" performance driving courses are offered by Autobahn Country Club in Joliet Il, near Chicago as well as HPDE  events there like NASA and other Lapping organizations.

ACC members can sign up for "racecraft" coaching with Catalyst video and data capture. Remote video coaching sessions are also offered as post event training of racetrack orientation.

The car is a professionally built and maintained high performance racecar, with two seats, chassis reinforcement, Big Brake and high end racing suspension modifications as well as safety equipment. Full cage, fire system and six point harnesses

Please note that it has a 6  speed manual transmission so a driver needs to be very comfortable with a stick in order to learn proper gear selection, downshifting, as well as "Heel and toe" braking in HPDE 3 & 4.

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BMWM3Track Experience

High Performance Certified Professional Driving Instruction 

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Home Track is Autobahn Country Cub


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