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Advanced Instruction, (HPDE#3)

Pre-competition licensing course with 8/10th instruction

  • 3 hr
  • Autobahn Country Club Joliet Il

Service Description

For independent instructor upgrade recommended HPDE #2 drivers who want to learn or refresh racing skills in a Track Prepared car. Note: This is still a street car with two racing seats with 5 point harnesses, and does not have a full cage or a fuel cell. It does have a belt bar with a full high hoop for safety. The BMW M3 Coupe has the full Dinan performance package so the suspension and chassis is modified to handle track lapping as is the engine and braking system. This course assumes knowledge and accomplishments outlined in HPDE #2. Focus is now on increasing confidence and speed as well as "racecraft", learning to finesse certain corners, proper threshold braking and early corner exit throttle application with proper steering unwind. Introduction to trail braking and minimizing oversteer and understeer as well as high speed car control. Advanced "race craft" techniques, passing strategies e.g., rolling starts and rain racing tutorials. As with HPDE #2 there are weekday and weekend options. The base cost of coaching for a day in your high performance car is $1,400. A day session in the BMWM3 Track Car is $2,000. These full day events are extremely limited, with almost all availability on so early booking is encouraged. In order to progress to HPDE #4 in the same weekend, you need to be able to demonstrate, in addition to driving skills, track awareness dealing with track traffic and show proficiency in overtaking and point bys in HPDE #3. The upgrade can only be accommodated after an independent instructor does a check off ride with you and approves you (NASA, SCCA, BMWCC eg.)

Contact Details


Rahal Garage #7 3795 Centerpoint Way, Joliet, IL 60436, USA

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