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May 2024, Personal High Performance Driving Coaching comes to the Windy City. BMWM3Track Experience

Updated: Apr 14

Spring 2024 could be the beginning of living your dream. learning to drive a track prepared high performance Car on a racetrack.

There are many ways to participate in a High Performance Driving Education program, and options are easily found on the web.

Many excellent "Performance Drive" programs are available at Autobahn Country Club, (ACC) with excellent instruction from the Autobahn Driving Academy.

which offers an outstanding high performance driving school which you can do in your own car as well as racing license training in their race cars.

If your mind is made up and you want to get a competition license, this is your best option as you will need to provide an approved racecar to take other licensing courses like NASA or SCCA, both outstanding programs.

ACC does not provide "In-Car Instruction" and coaching.

BMWTE is a different kind of experience. We offer in car instruction and coaching in a Fall Line purpose built racecar. It is not a modified street car.

The car you will drive is a race prepared car that currently is raced in ACC GT Club Racing Championships and NASA, but is still docile enough for novices.

But everything on and in the car was built from the chassis up by the premier BMW Motorsprorts company, Fall Line of Buffalo Grove Illinois, to provide the security and safety of a purpose built racecar.

You will need proficiency in a manual to derive the full benefit of a racecar driving experience

For most HPDE Events, BMWM3TE recommends drivers sign up with NASA, PCA, BMWCC, all of which can be done in your own street car. These clubs all provide high quality novice "in car instruction".

NASA only licenses certified MSF level 2 instructors. (Motor Safety Foundation)

But if you want to drive a "Race-prepared" car that has been set up for HPDE in car instruction with two racing seats and proper FIA 6 point safety harnesses, the BMWM3TE option could be for you.

Jeff has taught some of the best. One student became a MX5 Champion but he loves teaching novices, like his teenage girls and is a fixture in the PCA annual "Driven Women" event.

At this time, while Jeff instructs around the Great Lakes track, all individual instruction and coaching is held at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet Il. near Chicago from late April through October.

These include are weekday sessions and weekends, including multi-day weekend sessions.

E-mail Jeff with your resumé and date requirements to or call

917-605-0194 for a driver assessment interview. If this is your first track event, provide some background as to what you wish to accomplish and what you seek in an HPDE experience.

Usually drivers will register in the events run by BMWCC, PCA, NASA and ACC with Jeff's advice.

Some Novice events like ACC Sprint combine track and autocross.

ACC "sprints" are good starter packages for drivers who have no experience and may still be unsure about what they really want or need. They can be done in any street car.

In-car instruction, coaching and car rental with instruction is dependent on whether it is a half, full or multi-day session.

If you choose to have in car instruction, Jeff will provide a comprehensive drivers assessment for these sessions and recommended next steps.

(The track car is not recommended for first time participants.)

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